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4460 grass

4460 grass

Green vegetation, which grows rapidly after rainfall, and serves as good food for many animals. The withering of grass in hot weather is often used in Scripture as a symbol of the frailty and brevity of human life.

Grass is food for animals

1Ki 18:5 See also Nu 22:4; Dt 11:15; Job 6:5; Job 40:15; Ps 104:14; Ps 106:20; Jer 14:5; Da 4:25,32-33; Da 5:21

Rain is essential for the growth of grass

Job 38:25-27 See also Dt 32:2; 2Sa 23:4; Ps 147:8; Pr 19:12; Mic 5:7

Grass grows quickly and abundantly

Isa 44:3-4 See also Job 5:25; Ps 72:16; Ps 92:7; Isa 35:7; Isa 66:14

Grass withers, dies and burns easily

Isa 15:6 See also Ps 102:4,11; Isa 5:24; Jer 12:4; Rev 8:7

The life cycle of grass is short

Ps 129:6 See also Isa 37:27; Mt 6:28-34 pp Lk 12:27-31

The brevity of human life is compared to that of grass

Isa 40:6-8 See also 2Ki 19:25-26; Job 8:11-13; Ps 37:1-2; Ps 90:5; Ps 103:13-19; Isa 51:12; 1Pe 1:24-25

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