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4446 flowers

4446 flowers

The blossoming part of plants and trees, from which the seeds or fruit develop. Often admired for their beauty, Scripture uses their fleeting existence as an illustration of the transience of human life.

Carvings of flowers

In the tabernacle Ex 25:31-36 pp Ex 37:17-22

In the temple 1Ki 6:18 See also 1Ki 6:29,31-35; 1Ki 7:15-22,25-26 pp 2Ch 4:4-5

Metaphorical depictions of people as flowers

Isa 28:1-6 See also Isa 5:18-25

Human existence is likened to the short life cycle of flowers

1Pe 1:24-25 See also Isa 40:6-8; Job 14:1-2; Ps 103:13-18; Jas 1:9-11

Flowers and the changing seasons

SS 2:11-13 See also Isa 18:5-6

The lily

Its beauty Lk 12:27-28 pp Mt 6:28-30 See also SS 2:1-2; Hos 14:4-7

Lilies in psalm titles Ps 45:1 Title See also Ps 60:1 Title; Ps 69:1 Title; Ps 80:1 Title

Their metaphorical use SS 4:5 See also SS 2:16; SS 5:13; SS 6:2-3; SS 7:2

The crocus

Isa 35:1-2

The rose

SS 2:1

See also

4240garden, natural
4466herbs and spices
7459tabernacle, in OT
7467temple, Solomon’s

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