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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4424 cedar
4424 cedar

4424 cedar

A tall, majestic tree, native to Lebanon. In OT times it was highly prized for its wood, which was used extensively in the construction of Solomon’s temple.

Cedar trees associated with Lebanon

1Ki 4:33 See also Jdg 9:15; 2Ki 14:9 pp 2Ch 25:18; 2Ki 19:23 pp Isa 37:24; Ps 29:5; Ps 92:12; Ps 104:16; SS 5:15; Isa 14:8; Jer 22:23; Eze 27:5; Hos 14:5-6; Zec 11:1-2

The cedar as a tall, majestic tree

Eze 31:3 See also Job 40:17; Ps 80:10; Isa 2:12-13; Eze 17:22-23; Eze 31:7-8; Am 2:9

Cedar trees indicating a fertile, well-watered land

Nu 24:5-6 See also Ps 92:12-15; Isa 41:17-20

Cedar used allegorically

Eze 17:1-4 prophecy of a Davidic king being taken into captivity; Eze 17:22-23 prophecy of the Messiah coming from David’s family

Cedar as a costly and valued wood

1Ki 10:27 pp 2Ch 1:15 pp 2Ch 9:27 See also SS 8:8-9; Isa 9:8-10

Cedar wood used in ritual purification

Lev 14:48-53 See also Lev 14:1-7; Nu 19:1-6

Cedar wood imported from the north

Ezr 3:7 See also 2Sa 5:11; 1Ki 5:1-11 pp 2Ch 2:3-16; 1Ki 9:11; 1Ch 22:4

Cedar wood used in the construction of buildings

Royal palaces and great houses 1Ki 7:2-3 See also 2Sa 5:11; 2Sa 7:2; 1Ki 7:7,11-12; SS 1:17; Jer 22:11-15

The temple 1Ki 6:18 See also 2Sa 7:7; 1Ki 6:9-10,20,36; 1Ki 7:12

See also

7467temple, Solomon’s

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