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4416 branch

4416 branch

The limb of a tree. The term is used literally, symbolically and metaphorically in Scripture. Branches are personified at times and the Messiah is referred to as the Branch.

Branches of various trees

Vine branches Ge 49:22 See also Nu 13:23; Isa 18:5; Jer 5:10; Jer 6:9; Jer 48:32; Eze 17:5-8; Eze 19:10-14; Jn 15:5-6

Olive branches Dt 24:20 See also Ne 8:14-16; Jer 11:16; Zec 4:12

Palm branches Rev 7:9 See also Ne 8:15; Isa 9:14; Isa 19:15

Branches of other trees Jer 1:11 See also Ge 30:37-39; Ne 8:15; Eze 17:22-23; Eze 31:3; Heb 9:19

Branches cut down for Jesus Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem

Mt 21:7-9 pp Mk 11:7-10 pp Jn 12:12-13

Branches providing shelter

Mt 13:31-32 pp Lk 13:18-19 See also Eze 31:3-14; Da 4:10-14,20-22

The symbolic use of branches

Jer 1:11-12 See also Isa 9:14-15; Isa 19:13-15

Branches in visions

Ge 40:9-13 See also Zec 4:1-14

The metaphorical use of branches

Job 29:19 See also Ge 49:22; Job 15:32-35; Job 18:5-16

The personification of branches

In general Jn 15:5-6 See also Ro 11:11-24

The Messiah as the Branch Jer 23:5 See also Isa 4:2; Isa 11:1-5; Jer 33:15-16; Zec 3:8; Zec 6:12-13

The branches of the lampstand in the tabernacle

Ex 25:31-32 See also Ex 25:35-36; Ex 37:17-22

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