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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4360 sand
4360 sand

4360 sand

A fine granular substance formed by the erosion of rocks, and found especially in the deserts and by the sea. It is often used as a symbol of innumerability and occasionally as a symbol of instability.

Sand as a fine granular substance

In the desert Ex 2:12 See also Job 39:13-15; Isa 35:6-7

At the sea Jer 5:22 See also Dt 33:18-19; Ac 27:39

Sand-bars Ac 27:41 See also Ac 27:17

The weight of sand Job 6:2-3 See also Pr 27:3

Sand representing innumerability

God promised that Israel would be as innumerable as sand Ge 22:15-18 See also Ge 32:9-12; 1Ki 4:20; Isa 10:20-22; Isa 48:17-19; Jer 33:19-22; Hos 1:8-10; Ro 9:22-27; Heb 11:11-12

Armies described as being as innumerable as sand 1Sa 13:5 See also Jos 11:1-5; Jdg 7:12; 2Sa 17:11; Rev 20:7-8

Other comparisons with the innumerability of sand Ge 41:49 See also 1Ki 4:29; Job 29:18; Ps 78:27-29; Ps 139:17-18; Jer 15:8; Hab 1:8-9

The instability and impermanence of sand

Mt 7:24-27 pp Lk 6:46-49

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