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4357 salt

4357 salt

A basic commodity, used for seasoning and preserving food in biblical times.

The importance of salt in the sacrificial system

Lev 2:13 See also Ex 30:34-35 The addition of salt to incense was probably to make it burn more easily and quickly; Ezr 6:6-10; Ezr 7:21-23; Eze 43:22-24

The covenant of salt

Nu 18:17-19 See also Lev 2:13; 2Ch 13:4-5

Believers as the salt of the earth

Mt 5:13 This teaching reflects the importance of salt as a preservative and seasoning. See also Mk 9:50; Lk 14:34-35

Salt as a symbol of desolation

Zep 2:9 See also Dt 29:23-25; Job 39:5-6; Ps 107:33-34; Jer 17:5-8

Salt sown on arable land to render it worthless

Jer 48:8-9 See also Jdg 9:42-45

Lot’s wife turned into a pillar of salt

Ge 19:23-26

The Dead Sea an important source of salt

Eze 47:11

Salt water

Jas 3:9-12 See also Eze 47:7-9

Salt herbs

Job 30:4

Practical uses of salt

Salt used as a seasoning Job 6:6-7

Salt rubbed on newborn infants Eze 16:4

Symbolic use of salt

2Ki 2:19-22

Figurative use of salt

Mk 9:49 See also Ezr 4:14 The literal translation of the Hebrew phrase used here is “... we eat the salt of the palace ...”; Col 4:6

Salt in place-names

The Dead Sea Jos 12:3 The Dead Sea was known as “the Salt Sea” or “the Sea of the Arabah” in biblical times. See also Ge 14:3; Nu 34:3-4,10-12; Dt 3:16-17; Jos 3:15-16; Jos 15:2-3,5-6; Jos 18:19

The Valley of Salt 2Sa 8:13 See also 2Ki 14:7 pp 2Ch 25:11; 1Ch 18:12

The City of Salt Jos 15:62

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