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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4315 clay
4315 clay

4315 clay

Clay was a basic building material in biblical times and clay pottery was widely used.

Clay pottery

Moulded by potters Jer 18:3-4 See also Isa 29:16; Isa 41:25; Isa 45:9

Used to make pots Lev 6:28 See also Lev 11:33; Lev 14:5,50; Lev 15:12; La 4:2

Used to make jars Jer 19:1-3 See also Nu 5:17; Jer 32:14; 2Co 4:7

Other uses of clay

To make idols Da 2:31-35 See also Da 2:41-45

To make moulds 1Ki 7:46 pp 2Ch 4:17

To make bricks Na 3:14 See also Jer 43:9

In plastering Lev 14:42

To make furnaces Ps 12:6

To seal documents Job 38:14

Clay tablets were used for writing on Eze 4:1

Clay was a relatively weak material

Job 13:12 See also Job 4:18-19

Clay was a very common material

Job 27:16 See also 2Ti 2:20

God and his people compared to a potter and the clay

Isa 64:8 See also Job 10:9; Job 33:6; Jer 18:6; Ro 9:19-21

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