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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4296 wells
4296 wells

4296 wells

Artificial openings to tap underground water supplies. They were very important for life in a settled urban society and this is reflected in their symbolical use in Scripture.

The importance of wells in urban life

Ne 9:25 See also Dt 6:10-11

Women drew water for domestic use

Ge 24:11-20 See also 1Sa 9:11; Jn 4:7-9

Livestock were watered at wells

Ge 29:2-3 See also Ge 29:7-10; Ex 2:15-17

Wells were sometimes a source of contention

Ge 21:25 See also Ge 26:12-22; Nu 20:17; Nu 21:22

Wells as landmarks

Ge 16:7 Verse 14 refers to this spring as a well. See also Ge 16:14; Ge 21:31 “Beersheba” means either “well of seven” or “well of the oath”; Ge 26:20-22; Jn 4:6

Figurative use of wells

Associated with God and his goodness Isa 12:3; Jer 17:13 See also Jer 2:13; Jn 4:14; Rev 7:17

Associated with human love Pr 5:15

In warnings against and judgment of sin Jer 6:7 See also Pr 23:27; Jer 51:36

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