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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4290 valleys
4290 valleys

4290 valleys

Valleys used as places of permanent settlement

Ge 26:17 See also Nu 14:25; Jos 17:16; Jdg 18:28; 1Ch 12:14-15

Valleys as places for camp-sites

Jdg 6:33 See also Nu 21:10-12; Dt 3:29; Jdg 7:8-12; 1Ch 11:15

Valleys used for pasture and crops

1Ch 4:39-40 Palestine was noted as a dry land, but valleys provided the necessary moisture for pastures and crop growth. See also 1Ch 27:29; Ps 65:13

Valleys used for battles

Ge 14:8 See also Jos 11:7-8; 1Sa 17:1-3; 2Sa 8:13; 2Ch 25:11-12 pp 2Ki 14:7

Valleys as places of worship and sacrifice

2Ch 28:3 See also Dt 21:1-9; 2Ch 20:25-26; Jer 2:23-25; Jer 32:35

Valleys on the day of the Lord

Isa 22:5; Mic 1:3-4; Zec 14:3-5

The metaphorical use of valleys

The valley of death Ps 23:4 See also Job 21:32-33

The valley of decision Joel 3:14 See also Joel 3:1-2,12

The valley of dry bones Eze 37:1-14

The levelling of valleys as a preparation for the coming of the Lord Lk 3:4-5 See also Isa 40:3-4

The Valley of Hinnom

The Valley of Hinnom as part of the boundary between Judah and Benjamin, lying to the south of Jerusalem Jos 15:8; Jos 18:16

The Valley of Hinnom as a place of child sacrifice 2Ch 28:3 See also Jer 32:35

The Valley of Hinnom as a place of God’s judgment Jer 7:30-32 See also Jer 19:1-15

The Kidron Valley

The Kidron Valley as a boundary of Jerusalem 1Ki 2:36-37 See also 2Sa 15:23; Jer 31:38-40; Jn 18:1

The Kidron Valley as a place for the destruction of pagan cult objects 1Ki 15:11-13; 2Ki 23:4-6 pp 2Ch 34:3-4 See also 2Ki 23:12

The Kidron Valley in prophetic visions Eze 47:1-8; Joel 3:1-2 See also Zec 14:8

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