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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4263 Rome
4263 Rome

4263 Rome

The city state at the heart of the great world empire of NT times, pictured in the book of Revelation as the embodiment of corrupt earthly power. A large church had been established in Rome long before Paul arrived there, towards the end of his life and his mission. His letter to the believers in Rome includes a comprehensive explanation of the gospel.

Rome and the mission of Paul

Paul plans to visit Rome Ac 19:21 See also Ro 1:13-15; Ro 15:23-29

Jesus Christ confirms that Paul will preach the gospel in Rome Ac 23:11

Paul is sent for trial in Rome Ac 25:10-12 See also Ac 27:1-2

Paul arrives in Rome Ac 28:14-16

Paul preaches in Rome Ac 28:30-31 See also Ac 28:23-24; Php 1:12-13

The church in Rome existed long before Paul’s arrival

Ro 15:23-24 See also Ac 28:15; Ro 1:8; Ro 16:3-16 Although Paul had never been to Rome, he seemed to be personally acquainted with 26 people associated with the church there, so its overall size was probably quite considerable.

Paul’s letter to the church in Rome presents the whole gospel

Ro 1:16-17 The gospel is God’s offer of salvation to all.

Sin and the universal need for salvation Ro 3:23 See also Ro 3:10; Ro 6:23

God’s “rescue” through Jesus Christ available to all Ro 3:22 See also Ro 1:16

Peace with God through believing in Jesus Christ Ro 5:1-2 See also Ro 4:23-25; Ro 5:8-10

Gentiles obtain salavation Ro 10:11-13

Rome is pictured as the embodiment of corrupt earthly power

Rev 17:1-18 Verse 9 clearly identifies the city as Rome, widely known then as the city built on seven hills. See also Rev 14:8 Babylon was the great godless city of the OT and here is taken by most commentators to depict Rome, which in turn represents corrupt worldly power in general. However, some believe that only a general reference to the world system is in mind, and others that a literal reference to the actual city of Babylon is intended; Rev 16:19; Rev 18:1-24

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