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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4251 moon
4251 moon

4251 moon

The moon created by God

Ps 8:3 See also Ps 74:16

The moon listed among the heavenly bodies

Ge 37:9; Ps 148:3; Ecc 12:2; 1Co 15:41

The moon as a basis for the calendar

The moon governs the night Ge 1:16-18 See also Ps 136:7-9; Jer 31:35

Seasons marked by the moon Ps 104:19 See also Ge 1:14

Months marked by the new moon Nu 28:14; 1Ch 23:31; Isa 66:23

The moon as a symbol of permanence

Ps 89:37 See also Ps 72:5,7 The moon will not be needed in the new Jerusalem: Isa 60:19-20; Rev 21:23

Idolatrous worship of the moon

Dt 4:19 See also Dt 17:3; 2Ki 23:5; Job 31:26; Jer 8:2

Signs in the moon indicating divine intervention

At the close of history Isa 13:10; Isa 30:26; Joel 2:10,31; Ac 2:20; Mt 24:29 pp Mk 13:24-25; Rev 6:12; Rev 12:1

Other examples Jos 10:12-13; Eze 32:7

The moon thought to affect the mind

Ps 121:6 The moon is indicated as a source of danger; Mt 4:24 The Greek expression translated “having seizures” originally meant “moonstruck”.

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