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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4248 islands
4248 islands

4248 islands

Used of the islands and coastlands of the eastern Mediterranean and, especially by Isaiah, as a more general term indicating distant nations that are called upon to respond to God. Several specific islands are mentioned in the NT.

The islands and coastlands of the Mediterranean

Isa 11:11 See also Isa 42:10; Isa 60:9; Jer 2:10-11; Jer 31:10; Eze 26:15-18; Eze 27:3-7; Da 11:18,29-30

Islands as a symbol of human insignificance before God

Isa 40:15-17

Islands as a symbol of distant nations

Nations who do not know God Isa 66:19 See also Isa 41:1; Isa 49:1

Nations who are not beyond God’s law and judgment Isa 59:18 See also Eze 25:16-17; Eze 39:6; Rev 6:12-14; Rev 16:17-20

Nations called to respond to God Isa 42:10-12 See also Isa 24:15; Isa 42:4; Isa 51:4-5

Islands mentioned in the NT

Cos Ac 21:1

Crete Ac 27:7-26; Tit 1:5,12

Cyprus Ac 4:36; Ac 11:19-21; Ac 13:4-12; Ac 15:39; Ac 21:16

Kios Ac 20:15

Malta Ac 27:39-28:11

Patmos Rev 1:9

Rhodes Ac 21:1

Samos Ac 20:15

Samothrace Ac 16:11

Sicily Ac 28:12 Syracuse was the leading city of Sicily.

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