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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4215 Babylon
4215 Babylon

4215 Babylon

In OT times, the commercial, religious and political capital of Babylonia, which was the dominant power in the Near East in the sixth century B.C. In the NT, “Babylon” signifies the world and its forces in opposition to God. It is often contrasted with “the new Jerusalem”, in which God will finally reign supreme.

The founding of Babylon

Ge 10:8-10 Shinar was an alternative name for Babylon.

Biblical events prior to the exile in Babylon

Inhabitants of Babylon exiled to Samaria See also 2Ki 17:24-33

Envoys from Babylon visit Hezekiah 2Ki 20:12-19 pp Isa 39:1-8 Hezekiah’s reception of the envoys was designed to lead to a coalition against Assyria, but in the end it brought about the very opposite of what he had hoped for.

Manasseh, king of Judah, exiled to Babylon 2Ch 33:10-11

Jehoiakim, king of Judah, becomes a vassal of Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon 2Ki 24:1-2 pp 2Ch 36:6-7

Nebuchadnezzar lays siege to Jerusalem 2Ki 24:10-17 pp 2Ch 36:9-10

Nebuchadnezzar conquers Jerusalem and deports the population 2Ki 25:1-21 pp 2Ch 36:17-20 pp Jer 39:1-10 pp Jer 52:4-27

Exile in Babylon

The people of Judah exiled in Babylon 1Ch 9:1 See also 2Ch 36:20; Ps 137:1-9; Da 1:1-7

Advice for those exiled in Babylon Jer 29:4-14

Cyrus king of Babylon decrees that the Jerusalem temple should be rebuilt

Ezr 5:13-16 See also 2Ch 36:22-23 pp Ezr 1:1-4

Exiles return from Babylon Ezr 2:1-2 pp Ne 7:6-7

Babylon, an instrument of divine judgment

2Ki 24:2-4 See also Jer 20:4-6; Jer 21:10

The fall of Babylon

Predictions of Babylon’s fall Jer 51:59-64 See also Isa 14:3-23; Isa 47:1-15; Jer 50:1-10

Babylon conquered by Darius Da 5:30-31

Babylon used figuratively

By Peter See also 1Pe 5:13 Babylon is traditionally interpreted as Rome, but may also mean Mesopotamian Babylon, Egyptian Babylon, or Jerusalem.

Of the world opposed to God Rev 14:8 See also Rev 17:3-6; Rev 18:1-24

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