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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4160 driving out
4160 driving out

4160 driving out

Driving out demons

In Jesus Christ’s ministry Mk 1:34 See also Mt 8:16; Mt 9:32-33 pp Lk 11:14; Mk 1:39; Lk 13:32

Jesus Christ accused of using satanic power to drive out demons Mt 12:24-28 pp Mk 3:22-26 pp Lk 11:15-20 See also Mt 9:34

Jesus Christ commissioned his disciples to drive out demons Mt 10:1 pp Lk 9:1 See also Mt 10:8; Mk 3:15; Mk 6:13

The failure of the disciples to drive out demons Mk 9:18

Others attempted to use Jesus Christ’s authority Lk 9:49; Ac 19:13

Driving out demons is no substitute for obedience to the will of God Mt 7:22

Driving out demons and Satan as an aspect of Jesus Christ’s overall ministry Jn 12:31

Driving out people

Nu 33:51-52 See also Ex 10:11; Ps 44:2; Pr 19:26; Pr 22:10; Jer 29:2; Mt 21:12

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