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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4150 cherubim
4150 cherubim

4150 cherubim

Winged, heavenly creatures represented in the tabernacle and the temple.

Description of the cherubim

Eze 10:12-14 See also Eze 1:4-14,22-24; Eze 10:5,8,21-22; Eze 41:18-19; Rev 4:6-8

Cherubim represented in the tabernacle and the temple

Cherubim as decorations Ex 26:1 See also Ex 36:8; 1Ki 6:29 pp 2Ch 3:7; 1Ki 7:29,36

Cherubim at the entrance to the inner sanctuary Ex 26:31-33; Ex 36:35; 1Ki 6:32,35; 2Ch 3:14

Cherubim over the ark of the covenant Heb 9:5 See also Ex 25:17-22; Ex 37:7-9; Nu 7:89; 1Ki 6:23-28 pp 2Ch 3:10-13; 1Ki 8:6-7 pp 2Ch 5:7-8; 1Ch 28:18

Cherubim represented in Ezekiel’s vision of the temple

Eze 41:18,20,25

Cherubim represent the place of God’s throne

1Sa 4:4 See also 2Sa 6:2 pp 1Ch 13:6; 2Ki 19:15 pp Isa 37:16; Ps 80:1; Ps 99:1; Eze 10:1; Rev 4:6; Rev 5:6

Cherubim as guardians

Ge 3:24 See also Eze 28:14,16

Cherubim as God’s chariot

2Sa 22:11 pp Ps 18:10 See also 1Ch 28:18

Cherubim as agents of judgment

Cherubim remove God’s glory Eze 9:3; Eze 10:3-4,15-19; Eze 11:22-23

God’s judgment poured out Eze 10:2,6-7; Rev 6:1-8 the living creatures release the four horsemen of God’s judgment on earth; Rev 15:7

See also

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