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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4140 angel of the Lord
4140 angel of the Lord

4140 angel of the Lord

A title given to those angelic servants of God who are given specific tasks in furthering God’s purposes among humanity. These tasks include the giving of revelations, guidance, encouragement, warnings and the execution of judgment on those who oppose God’s purposes.

The status of the angel of the Lord

He is identified with the Lord Ex 3:2-6 The angel of the Lord here speaks for God and is recognised as God and as a messenger from God. This may indicate that the angel speaks on God’s behalf (compare with the role of the prophets) or, as some believe, this may be a manifestation of the pre-incarnate Jesus Christ. See also Ge 16:7,13; Ge 31:11-13; Jdg 2:1-2; Jdg 6:11-12,14; Jdg 13:19-22; Zec 3:1-2

He is distinguished from the Lord 2Sa 24:16 pp 1Ch 21:15 See also Zec 1:12-13; Lk 1:19; Heb 1:4

The angel of the Lord is active in various ways

He calls and speaks Ge 16:7-8; Ge 21:17; Ge 22:11,15; 2Ki 1:3,15

He has physical contact with people 1Ki 19:5,7; Ac 12:7

He appears in human likeness Ge 18:2,16,22; Ge 19:1; Jdg 6:11-12; Ac 27:23

He appears in supernatural form, often evoking fear Ex 3:2; Nu 22:22-24,31; 1Ch 21:16; Lk 1:11-12; Lk 2:9

He appears in dreams and visions Ge 31:11; Zec 1:8,11; Zec 3:1,5; Mt 2:13,19; Ac 10:3

Functions of the angel of the Lord

He reveals information, often about forthcoming births Jdg 13:3 See also Mt 1:20; Lk 1:11,13

He gives guidance and instruction Ac 8:26 See also Ge 16:9; Ge 22:11-12; Ge 24:7,40; Ex 23:23; Nu 22:35

He comforts those in need Ge 21:17 See also 1Ki 19:5-7; Ac 27:23-25

He affirms promises and gives blessing Ge 22:15-18 See also Lk 1:26-28,30-33; Lk 2:10-11

He leads, delivers and protects Israel Ps 34:7 See also Ex 14:19; Isa 63:9

He rebukes sinful Israel Jdg 2:1-4

He rolls back the tombstone Mt 28:2

He rescues those in prison Ac 5:19; Ac 12:8-9

He executes judgment on sin Ac 12:23 See also 2Sa 24:15-16 pp 1Ch 21:14-15; 2Ki 19:35 pp Isa 37:36; Ps 35:4-6

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