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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4135 demons, Jesus Christ’s authority over
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4135 demons, Jesus Christ’s authority over

4135 demons, Jesus Christ’s authority over

Demons are subject to the authority of Jesus Christ during his ministry and subsequently in the ministry of the church.

All spiritual powers are subject to Jesus Christ who has supreme authority

Eph 1:19-22 See also Ro 8:38; Eph 3:10; Col 1:16; Col 2:10,15

Demons are powerless before Jesus Christ

Demons can only do what he permits Mt 8:31-32 pp Mk 5:12-13 pp Lk 8:32-33

Demons obey his command Mt 17:18 pp Mk 9:25-26 pp Lk 9:42 See also Mt 9:33-34; Mk 1:34; Mk 16:9; Lk 11:14

Demons disperse at his word Mk 9:25 See also Mk 1:25 pp Lk 4:35

The name of Jesus Christ has power against demons

Jesus Christ’s name is used by his disciples Mk 16:17 See also Mk 9:38-39 pp Lk 9:49-50; Lk 10:17; Ac 16:18

Jesus Christ anticipates the misuse of his own name Mt 7:22-23 See also Ac 19:13-16 an example where Jesus’name is used in cases of demon-possession—but not by Jesus Christ’s disciples, and not successfully

Jesus Christ’s disciples have delegated power over demons

In Jesus Christ’s own lifetime Mt 10:1 See also Mt 10:7; Mk 3:14-15; Mk 6:7 pp Lk 9:1; Mk 6:13; Lk 10:17,19

In the ongoing ministry of the church Mk 16:17 See also Ac 5:16; Ac 8:7; Ac 16:18; Ac 19:12

Others will attempt to drive out demons

Mt 12:27 pp Lk 11:19; Mk 9:38 pp Lk 9:49; Ac 19:13-15

The final punishment of demons

2Pe 2:4; Jude 6

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