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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4134 demons, exorcism of
4134 demons, exorcism of

4134 demons, exorcism of

Jesus Christ drove out many demons during his earthly ministry and he delegated this authority to his disciples.

Jesus Christ understood exorcism as part of his ministry

Lk 13:32 See also Lk 4:18

He drove out demons from individuals brought to him Mt 8:16 pp Mk 1:32-34 pp Lk 4:40-41 See also Mt 4:24

He drove out demons from individuals whom he encountered Mk 1:23-26 pp Lk 4:33-35 See also Mk 1:39

Jesus Christ had power over demons

He was able to drive demons out at a distance Mt 15:22-28 pp Mk 7:25-30

He used words of rebuke to drive out demons Mt 17:18 pp Mk 9:25 pp Lk 9:42 See also Mk 1:25 pp Lk 4:35; Lk 4:41

Jesus Christ identifies the spiritual resources needed for exorcising demons

The Spirit of God Mt 12:28 pp Lk 11:20

Faith Mt 17:19-20

Prayer (and fasting) Mk 9:28-29

The ministry of exorcism was an indication of the kingdom’s presence

Mt 12:28 pp Lk 11:20

The results of being delivered from demon-possession

Visible transformation and healing Mk 5:15 pp Lk 8:35 See also Mt 9:33; Lk 11:14; Lk 13:13

Devotion to Jesus Christ Lk 8:1-2 See also Mk 5:18 pp Lk 8:38

Loss of supernatural faculties Ac 16:16-19

Demons seek to return Mt 12:43-45 pp Lk 11:24-26

The impact of exorcism on those who observe it

Amazement Mt 9:33; Mt 12:23; Mk 1:27 pp Lk 4:36; Lk 11:14

Fear Mt 8:34 pp Mk 5:17 pp Lk 8:37

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