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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4132 demons, malevolence of
4132 demons, malevolence of

4132 demons, malevolence of

Demons are opposed to the person and work of God and seek to lead human beings, including believers, away from him. For this reason, believers are forbidden to be involved with them.

Demons harm individuals

Demons cause torment and pain Saul’s torment: 1Sa 16:14-16,23; 1Sa 18:10-11; 1Sa 19:9-10
Mt 15:22; Mt 17:15 pp Mk 9:18-20 pp Lk 9:39-42 the boy with an evil spirit; Mk 5:5; Lk 6:18; Lk 13:11; Ac 5:16; Ac 19:16 the seven sons of Sceva

Demons cause dissension Jdg 9:23-25

Demons cause illness and handicaps Mk 9:17-27 pp Mt 17:14-18 pp Lk 9:37-42 See also Mt 9:32-33; Lk 11:14; Lk 13:11

Demons are deceitful

Demons inspire false prophets 1Ki 22:21-23 pp 2Ch 18:21-22

Demons incite war Rev 16:13-14

Demons lead people away from God 1Jn 4:1-6 See also 1Ti 4:1-2; Rev 16:13-14

The inspiration of pagan religions by demons

Pagan gods are identified as demons 1Co 10:20-21 See also Dt 32:16-17; Ps 106:36-39; Rev 9:20

Demons inhabit ruins of pagan cities Rev 18:2

All involvement with spirits and mediums is forbidden

Lev 19:31 See also Ex 22:18; Lev 20:6,27; Dt 18:10-14; Jer 27:9

Witchcraft is identified as a work of the sinful nature Gal 5:19-20

Involvement with sorcery or witchcraft is futile Isa 47:9 See also 1Sa 28:7,14-20; Isa 8:19-22; Isa 19:3-4; Isa 47:12-15; Na 3:3-4

Examples of renunciation of the work of demons

Ac 19:19 See also 1Sa 28:9; 2Ki 23:24

See also

4185sorcery and magic

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