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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4113 angels, as agents of God’s judgment
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4113 angels, as agents of God’s judgment

4113 angels, as agents of God’s judgment

Spiritual beings who assist God in carrying out his judgments. Angels will be especially active when Jesus Christ returns for the last judgment.

Angels as agents of earthly judgments

Ps 78:49

Against Sodom and Gomorrah See also Ge 19:13,24-25

Against opponents of God Ex 12:23; 2Ki 19:35 pp 2Ch 32:21 pp Isa 37:36; Ps 35:4-6

Against Israel Ex 32:35; 2Sa 24:16-17 pp 1Ch 21:15-16; 1Co 10:10

Against Herod Antipas Ac 12:18-23

Angels restrained by God’s mercy

1Ch 21:15-16 pp 2Sa 24:16-17 See also Ge 18:20-32

Angels and final judgment

Angels proclaim God’s sovereignty Rev 12:10-12 See also Rev 10:1-4; Rev 11:15

Angels announce God’s final invitation Rev 14:6-7 See also Rev 14:9-13; Rev 19:9

Angels hold back the final judgment Rev 7:1-3

Angels carry out preliminary warning judgments Rev 8:1-13; Rev 9:1-16; Rev 10:5-7

Angels accompany Jesus Christ when he returns to judge 2Th 1:7 See also Mt 16:27; Mt 25:31; Mk 8:38 pp Lk 9:26; 1Th 3:13

Angels gather everyone for the final judgment Mt 13:37-41 See also Mt 13:49-50; Mt 24:31; Rev 14:15-19

Angels announce the final judgment Rev 14:15 See also Rev 10:8-11; Rev 17:1-3,7,15; Rev 18:1-2,4

Angels enact the final judgment Rev 15:1 See also Rev 14:16-19; Rev 15:6-8; Rev 16:1-21; Rev 18:21; Rev 19:17-18; Rev 20:1-3

Angels are subject to judgment

1Co 6:3 See also 2Pe 2:4; Jude 6

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