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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 4112 angels, as God’s messengers
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4112 angels, as God’s messengers

4112 angels, as God’s messengers

Spiritual messengers with the special role of making known God’s work of salvation.

Angels give hope through the words of the prophets

Isa 40:3-5 The voice in this passage may be that of an angel. Isaiah: Isa 40:1-2,6-8 Daniel: Da 8:15-16; Da 10:12,14-21; Da 12:8-13 Zechariah: Zec 1:12-21; Zec 2:3-5; Zec 4:1-7

Angels and the coming of the Messiah

An angel foretells the birth of John the Baptist Lk 1:11-13 See also Lk 1:14-19

Angels foretell Jesus Christ’s birth Mt 1:20-21 See also Lk 1:26-38

Angels announce Jesus Christ’s birth Lk 2:8-11 See also Lk 2:12-20

Angels announce Jesus Christ’s resurrection

Mt 28:5-7 pp Mk 16:5-7 See also Lk 24:4-7,23; Jn 20:10-14

Angels foretell Jesus Christ’s second coming

Ac 1:10-11

Angels reveal the gospel for the Gentiles

Ac 11:13 See also Ac 10:1-5,30-33; Rev 14:6-7

Angels foretell God’s final triumph

Rev 1:1 See also Rev 19:9; Rev 22:1,6,16

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