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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 3030 Holy Spirit, power of
3030 Holy Spirit, power of

3030 Holy Spirit, power of

The Holy Spirit equips and empowers believers so that the reign and reality of God is revealed through them in the world.

The power of the Holy Spirit is witnessed to in the OT

Isa 11:2-3 See also Isa 42:1

The Spirit will show his power on the earth Isa 32:15

The Spirit’s power will enable people to serve God Eze 36:26-27 See also Jer 31:33

The Spirit’s power will prompt prophecy and visions Joel 2:28-29 See also Ac 2:17-18

The Holy Spirit’s power is described by OT imagery

Oil: 1Sa 10:1; 1Sa 16:13
Isa 63:11-12 the arm of God The hand of God: Eze 3:14; Eze 37:1

The Holy Spirit’s power is demonstrated in the OT

In creation Ge 1:2; Job 33:4; Ps 104:30

In acts of judgment and war Jdg 14:19 See also Jdg 3:10; Jdg 6:34; Jdg 11:29; Jdg 14:6; Jdg 15:14; 1Sa 11:6; 1Sa 16:13

In the lives of his servants Mic 3:8 See also Nu 11:17; 1Sa 10:6,10

The Holy Spirit’s power is seen in the life of Jesus Christ

In his conception Lk 1:35

In his teaching and ministry See also Mt 7:28-29; Mt 12:28; Mk 1:22,27; Lk 4:14; Lk 5:17; Ac 10:38

In his resurrection Ro 1:4 See also Ro 8:11; 1Ti 3:16; 1Pe 3:18

The Holy Spirit’s power is seen in the church’s mission

In the church’s witness and preaching Ac 1:8 See also Lk 24:49; Ac 6:10; Ac 16:7; 1Co 2:4; 1Th 1:5

In the apostolic ministry of signs and wonders Ro 15:18-19 See also Heb 2:4

In miraculous works in the church Gal 3:5 See also 1Co 12:28

The Holy Spirit’s power builds Christian character

Ro 15:13 See also 2Ti 1:7

The Holy Spirit’s power strengthens the church

Eph 3:16 See also Ro 1:11; 1Co 1:7-8

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