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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 3020 Holy Spirit, joy of
3020 Holy Spirit, joy of

3020 Holy Spirit, joy of

The Holy Spirit brings joy to believers, giving them an inner contentment and happiness which is not dependent upon external circumstances.

The Holy Spirit enables the Messiah to bring joy

Isa 61:1-3 See also Isa 9:2-3

The Holy Spirit gives joy

To those anticipating Jesus Christ’s birth Lk 1:41-45 See also Lk 1:67-68

To Jesus Christ Lk 10:21 See also Heb 1:9

To disciples even in the face of opposition Ac 13:52 See also Ac 16:25; 1Th 1:6; 1Pe 4:13-14

The Holy Spirit’s fruit includes joy

Gal 5:22 See also Ro 14:17; Ro 15:13

Evidence of the Holy Spirit’s work prompts believers to rejoice

Ac 11:15-18 See also Ac 11:23-24

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