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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 2585 Jesus Christ, trial of
2585 Jesus Christ, trial of

2585 Jesus Christ, trial of

Jesus Christ, falsely accused of blasphemy towards God and treason towards Rome, humbly endured his trial as a fulfilment of the purposes of God.

The preliminary hearing before Annas

See also Jn 18:12-14 Annas, though deposed from office by the Romans, was probably still regarded by many as the true high priest; Jn 18:19-23

The trial before Caiaphas and the Sanhedrin

Jesus Christ is sent to the ruling high priest Mt 26:57 pp Mk 14:53 pp Jn 18:24; Lk 22:54

False evidence is sought Mt 26:59-60 pp Mk 14:55-56 The Sanhedrin was the high court of the Jews and consisted of 71 chief priests, elders and teachers of the law, including the high priest who presided.

False accusations are made See also Mt 26:60-61 pp Mk 14:57-59 A person could only be convicted on the evidence of two or more witnesses.

Jesus Christ’s trial centres upon his Messianic claims

Jesus declares himself to be the Christ Mt 26:63-64 pp Mk 14:61-62 See also Lk 22:66-70

Jesus Christ is charged with blasphemy Mt 26:65-66 pp Mk 14:63-64; Mt 27:1 pp Mk 15:1 The Sanhedrin decided that Jesus Christ deserved death but charged him with treason rather than blasphemy.

Jesus is mocked as the Christ Mt 26:67-68 pp Mk 14:65 pp Lk 22:63-65

The trial before Pilate

The Sanhedrin hand Jesus Christ over to Pilate Mt 27:2 pp Mk 15:1; Lk 23:1; Jn 18:28-32

Jesus Christ accepts the title of king Jn 18:36-37 See also Mt 27:11 pp Mk 15:2; Lk 23:2-3; Jn 19:9-12; 1Ti 6:13

Pilate decides Jesus Christ is innocent Lk 23:4 See also Lk 23:14-15,22; Jn 18:38; Jn 19:4-6; Ac 13:28

Pilate sends Jesus Christ to Herod Lk 23:5-10

Herod sends Jesus Christ back to Pilate Lk 23:11-12

Pilate seeks to release Jesus Christ Jn 19:12 See also Mt 27:15-18 pp Mk 15:6-10 Pilate appeals to the crowd on the basis of Jesus Christ’s kingship; Mt 27:19 Pilate is warned by his wife not to get involved; Lk 23:16,20,22; Jn 18:38-39; Jn 19:6,15

The crowd demand the release of Barabbas and the crucifixion of Jesus Christ Mt 27:20 pp Mk 15:11 See also Mt 27:21-23 pp Mk 15:12-14; Lk 23:18,21,23; Jn 18:40; Jn 19:6-7,12,15

The crowd’s demands prevail Mk 15:15 pp Mt 27:26 See also Mt 27:24 Pilate denies responsibility; Mt 27:25; Lk 23:23-25; Jn 19:16; Ac 3:13-14 The emphasis is on the people’s responsibility.

Jesus Christ is mocked as king Jn 19:2-3 See also Mt 27:27-31 pp Mk 15:16-20; Jn 19:15

Jesus Christ’s response to his trial

Isa 53:7 See also Mt 26:62-63 pp Mk 14:60-61; Mt 27:12,14 pp Mk 15:5; Lk 23:9; Jn 19:9; Ac 8:32-35; 1Pe 2:23

Jesus Christ’s trial confirms he is God’s servant

Ac 4:27-28 See also Isa 53:10; Jn 19:8-11; Ac 2:23 The outcome of the trial fulfilled God’s declared purpose.

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