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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 2570 Jesus Christ, suffering of
2570 Jesus Christ, suffering of

2570 Jesus Christ, suffering of

Jesus Christ’s life was characterised by suffering, though the worst experiences were reserved for his final days. His sufferings are both redemptive and an example to believers.

Jesus Christ’s sufferings foretold

In the OT Ps 22:6-8,16-18; Isa 50:6; Isa 52:13-53:12; Zec 9:9-10; Zec 12:10; Zec 13:7; 1Pe 1:11

In Jesus Christ’s predictions Mt 16:21 pp Mk 8:31 pp Lk 9:22 See also Mt 20:17-19 pp Mk 10:32-34 pp Lk 18:31-32; Jn 12:32-33

Jesus Christ’s suffering during his lifetime

As a child Mt 2:13-15

Because of his family Mk 3:20-21 See also Jn 7:3-5

Because of the crowds’unbelief Mk 9:19 pp Mt 17:17 pp Lk 9:41 See also Mt 12:39 pp Lk 11:29; Mk 8:11-12

Because of the disciples’slowness Mk 8:17-21 pp Mt 16:8-11

Because of the religious leaders Mt 12:14 pp Mk 3:6 pp Lk 6:11 See also Jn 5:18; Jn 7:1; Jn 8:48

Because of human suffering Lk 19:41 See also Mk 7:34; Lk 7:13; Jn 11:33-35

Jesus Christ’s suffering at the time of his death

He was inwardly troubled Jn 12:27 See also Mt 26:36-42 pp Mk 14:32-39 pp Lk 22:40-44; Jn 13:21

He was betrayed Mt 26:21-25 pp Mk 14:17-21 pp Lk 22:21-23; Mt 26:47-49 pp Mk 14:43-45 pp Lk 22:47-48 pp Jn 18:2-5; Jn 13:18-30

He was humiliated Mt 27:27-30 pp Mk 15:16-19 See also Mt 26:67-68 pp Mk 14:65 pp Lk 22:63-65; Mt 27:26 pp Mk 15:15 pp Lk 23:22; Lk 23:11; Jn 18:22; Jn 19:1

He was crucified Lk 23:33 pp Mt 27:35 pp Mk 15:25 pp Jn 19:18

He suffered separation from God Mt 27:46 pp Mk 15:34 pp Lk 23:46 See also Ps 22:1

Jesus Christ’s attitude to his suffering

He did not retaliate in his suffering 1Pe 2:23 See also Mt 27:12-14 pp Mk 15:3-5; Lk 23:34

He grew through the experience of suffering Heb 5:8 See also Heb 2:10

Jesus Christ’s sufferings were necessary for salvation

Lk 24:26-27 See also Lk 24:46-47; Ac 3:18; Ac 17:3; Ac 26:23

Jesus Christ suffered as a unique sacrifice Heb 7:27; Heb 9:25-26

The Christian experience of suffering

Believers share in Jesus Christ’s sufferings 2Co 1:5 See also Mt 25:34-40; Ac 9:4-5 pp Ac 22:7-8 pp Ac 26:15; Ro 8:17; Php 3:10; 1Pe 4:13

Jesus Christ’s sufferings are an example for believers 1Pe 2:21 See also Jn 16:18-20; Php 2:5-7

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