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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 2555 Jesus Christ, resurrection appearances of
2555 Jesus Christ, resurrection appearances of

2555 Jesus Christ, resurrection appearances of

Jesus Christ appeared to various groups and individuals on several occasions after his death, prior to his ascension into heaven.

The resurrection appearances of Jesus Christ on the third day

To Mary Magdalene Jn 20:10-18 See also Mk 16:9-11

To the women at the tomb Mt 28:1-10 pp Mk 16:1-8 pp Lk 24:1-12

To Peter Lk 24:34; 1Co 15:5

To the two travellers to Emmaus Mk 16:12-13; Lk 24:13-16,30-32

To the disciples in the upper room Mk 16:14 pp Lk 24:36 pp Jn 20:19

Further appearances of Jesus Christ

To the disciples in the upper room See also Jn 20:26; 1Co 15:5

Other appearances Jn 21:1 See also Mt 28:16-17; 1Co 15:6-7

Jesus Christ appears at his ascension Mk 16:19; Lk 24:50-51; Ac 1:9

Jesus Christ’s resurrection body

It was different from his pre-crucifixion body Jn 20:26 This suggests that the resurrected body of Jesus Christ was not restricted by natural laws: closed doors provided no barrier to Jesus Christ’s bodily appearance to his disciples. See also Mk 16:12 The failure to recognise Jesus Christ may be an indication of his changed appearance but also might emphasise the disciples’own sorrow and lack of faith; Jn 20:14,19 pp Lk 24:36

It was a body of flesh and blood Lk 24:39 See also Lk 24:42-43; Jn 20:20

Jesus Christ foretold his resurrection appearances

Jn 16:16

Responses to Jesus Christ’s resurrection appearances

Fear and alarm Lk 24:37 See also Mt 28:10

Doubt and disbelief Mk 16:11 See also Mt 28:17; Mk 16:13-14; Lk 24:11-12; Jn 20:9,13-14,25

Belief and joy Mt 28:8 See also Lk 24:31-32,41; Jn 20:16,18,27-29

Understanding and worship Mt 28:9 See also Lk 24:8,45-47; Jn 2:22; Ac 2:31-33

The significance of Jesus Christ’s resurrection appearances

They gave proof of Jesus Christ’s deity Jn 20:28-29 See also Lk 24:31-34; Jn 20:8; Ac 10:41-42

Christian life and faith depend on the trustworthiness of the witnesses’testimony 1Co 15:17 See also Jn 20:31; Ac 3:15; Ro 1:4; 1Co 15:1-58; 1Th 4:14; 1Pe 1:3

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