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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 2530 Jesus Christ, death of
2530 Jesus Christ, death of

2530 Jesus Christ, death of

The death of Jesus Christ by crucifixion is of central importance to the NT. Through the faithful, obedient death of Christ, God grants sinners forgiveness and eternal life. The Christian sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s Supper focus upon the death of Christ.

Jesus Christ’s death was foretold

In time and in eternity Rev 13:8 See also Isa 53:10-12; Zec 12:10; Jn 1:29,36

By Jesus Christ himself Mt 16:21 pp Mk 8:31 pp Lk 9:22 See also Mt 17:22-23; Mt 26:12 pp Jn 12:7; Jn 16:16,28; Jn 18:4

Jesus Christ willingly planned to give his life Jn 10:11 See also Jn 10:15,17-18; Jn 13:1; Jn 15:13; 1Jn 3:16

Plots to kill Jesus Christ

Mk 3:6 pp Mt 12:14 See also Mt 26:4 pp Mk 14:1; Lk 13:31; Lk 19:47; Jn 5:18; Jn 7:25; Jn 8:37,40

The manner of Jesus Christ’s death

Jesus Christ died by crucifixion Lk 23:33 pp Mt 27:35 pp Mk 15:24-25

The moment of death Mk 15:37 pp Mt 27:50 pp Lk 23:46 pp Jn 19:30 See also Jn 19:33

Events accompanying Jesus Christ’s death Mt 27:45 Darkness descended on the land; Mt 27:51 The curtain of the temple was split; Mt 27:52-53 The dead emerged from their tombs.

Jesus Christ’s burial Mt 27:58-60 pp Mk 15:43-46 pp Lk 23:51-53 pp Jn 19:38-42

The unique character of Jesus Christ’s death

Jesus Christ’s body did not decay Ac 2:31 See also Ps 16:10; Ac 2:27; Ac 13:36-37

Jesus Christ descended to the dead Ro 1:4 See also 1Pe 3:18-22

Jesus Christ was raised bodily from the dead Lk 24:36-40 See also Jn 21:12-13; Ac 10:41; Ac 25:19

Death had no power over Jesus Christ Ac 2:24 See also Ro 6:9-10; Rev 1:18

Jesus Christ’s death was a unique sacrifice Heb 7:27 See also 1Co 5:7; Eph 5:2; Heb 9:26,28; Heb 10:10,12; 1Jn 2:2; 1Jn 4:10

Achievements of Jesus Christ’s death

Jesus Christ’s death establishes the new covenant Lk 22:20 pp Mt 26:28 pp Mk 14:24 pp 1Co 11:25 See also Heb 9:15; Heb 13:20

Jesus Christ’s death is a victory Col 2:14-15 See also Heb 2:9,14-15; Rev 12:11

Jesus Christ’s death brings redemption Rev 5:9 See also Mk 10:45 pp Mt 20:28; Ac 20:28; Gal 3:13; Eph 1:7; Tit 2:14; 1Pe 1:18-19

Jesus Christ’s death brings forgiveness and cleansing 1Jn 1:7 See also Heb 9:14; Rev 1:5; Rev 7:14

Jesus Christ’s death brings sanctification Heb 13:12 See also Heb 10:14; 1Pe 1:2

Believers identify with Jesus Christ in his death

Ro 6:3-8 See also 2Co 5:14-15; Gal 2:20; Col 2:11; 2Ti 2:11

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