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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 2372 Jesus Christ, victory of
2372 Jesus Christ, victory of

2372 Jesus Christ, victory of

Jesus Christ triumphs over and disarms all the powers of evil arrayed against him. Believers are able to share in this victory through faith in Jesus Christ.

The scope of Jesus Christ’s victory

Over temptation Heb 4:15 See also Mt 4:1-11 pp Lk 4:1-13

Over sin Ro 5:20-21 See also 1Jn 3:5,8

Over Satan Jn 12:31 Satan is called “the prince of this world” in John’s Gospel. See also Lk 10:18-19; Jn 14:30; Jn 16:11; Heb 2:14-15

Over evil spirits Mk 1:23-27 pp Lk 4:33-36

Over all powers Col 2:15 “powers and authorities” include evil spiritual beings. See also Ro 8:38-39; 1Co 15:24-25; Eph 1:21-22; Eph 4:8; Ps 68:18

Over the world Jn 16:33 Here, as elsewhere in John’s Gospel, “world” refers to the human race in rebellion against God. See also 2Th 2:8 “the lawless one” represents the leader of human forces of evil; 1Jn 5:4-5; Rev 17:12-14; Rev 19:11-21

Over death Ro 6:9 See also Ac 2:24; 1Co 15:26,54-57; 2Ti 1:10; Rev 1:18

The manner of Jesus Christ’s victory

By the written word of God Mt 4:4-10 pp Lk 4:4-12

By his death on the cross Heb 2:14 See also Col 2:15; Rev 12:11

By God’s authority Lk 11:20 pp Mt 12:28

By his spoken word Mt 8:16 See also Mt 8:8 pp Lk 7:7; Mt 8:13

Consequences of Jesus Christ’s victory

Assurance for believers Jn 16:33; 1Th 4:13; Rev 5:5

Victory for believers 1Co 15:57 See also Ro 7:21-25; Ro 8:37; Ro 16:20

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