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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 2336 Jesus Christ, exaltation of
2336 Jesus Christ, exaltation of

2336 Jesus Christ, exaltation of

Having completed his work on earth, Jesus Christ is raised to God’s right hand where he receives honour, power and glory.

Jesus Christ is exalted to God’s right hand

1Pe 3:21-22 God’s right hand is the position of authority second only to the Father. See also Mt 26:64 pp Mk 14:62 pp Lk 22:69; Ac 2:33; Ac 3:20-21; Ac 7:55-56; Heb 1:3; Heb 12:2

Jesus Christ is exalted because he first humbled himself

Lk 24:26 See also Php 2:6-11; 1Ti 3:16; Rev 5:6-14; Rev 7:17; Rev 22:3

Jesus Christ’s exaltation follows his resurrection and ascension

1Pe 1:21 See also Mk 16:19; Ac 13:37; Eph 1:20

Jesus Christ’s exaltation is predicted in the OT

As God’s servant Isa 52:13 This “servant” is a specific prediction of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is exalted by God the Father

Php 2:9-11 See also Ac 2:36; Ac 5:31

The work of the exalted Christ

As Saviour Ac 5:31 See also Heb 7:25

As high priest and advocate Ro 8:34 See also Heb 4:14; Heb 7:24-26; Heb 8:1-2; Heb 9:24; 1Jn 2:1

In giving the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts to his people Ac 2:33 See also Eph 4:8-13

In making every authority subject to him Eph 1:20-22 See also 1Co 15:24-26; Php 2:9-11; Heb 2:7-9; Heb 10:12-13; 1Pe 3:22; Rev 17:14; Rev 19:16

Believers should lead lives that are mindful of Jesus Christ’s exaltation

Believers are exalted with Jesus Christ Eph 2:6 See also Rev 3:21

Believers should be concerned with heavenly values Col 3:1-4 See also Php 3:20; Heb 12:2-3

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