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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 2327 Jesus Christ, as servant
2327 Jesus Christ, as servant

2327 Jesus Christ, as servant

Jesus Christ laid aside his majesty in order to serve humanity. His death is the supreme example of his servanthood: the fulfilling of the will of God his Father.

The prophets speak of the Messiah as a servant

Mt 12:17-21 See also Isa 42:1-4; Isa 49:1-7; Isa 50:4-9; Isa 52:13-53:12; Eze 34:23-24; Eze 37:24-25; Zec 3:8

Jesus Christ describes himself as a servant

Lk 22:27 See also Mt 20:28 pp Mk 10:45

Jesus Christ acts as a servant

By coming to dwell among humanity as a man Php 2:6-7 See also 2Co 8:9

By obeying God’s will Jn 4:34 See also Jn 5:30; Jn 6:38; Jn 14:31; Heb 10:5-7; Ps 40:6-8

By ministering to his disciples Jn 13:1-17

By dying on the cross Mt 20:28 pp Mk 10:45 See also Mt 26:39 pp Mk 14:36 pp Lk 22:42; Php 2:8

The exaltation of Jesus Christ the servant

He will complete his task Jn 17:4; Jn 19:30

He will be exalted by God Ac 3:13 See also Isa 52:13; Ac 3:26; Php 2:9-11

Jesus Christ’s obedience and servanthood an example to believers

Jn 13:14-15 See also Php 2:5; 1Pe 2:21

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