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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 2309 Jesus Christ, as judge
2309 Jesus Christ, as judge

2309 Jesus Christ, as judge

Jesus Christ executed judgment against the forces of evil through his death on the cross. Individuals will be judged according to their response to his saving grace.

Jesus Christ is appointed judge by God the Father

Jn 5:22 See also Jn 5:27; Ac 10:42; Ac 17:31

Jesus Christ is a just judge

Jn 5:30 See also Isa 11:3-4; Mic 4:3; Jn 8:15-16; Ac 17:31; Rev 19:11

Jesus Christ’s death brought judgment on Satan and evil world powers

Jn 12:31-33 See also Jn 16:11

Jesus Christ will act as judge at the end of time

2Ti 4:1 See also Mt 25:31-32; Ro 2:16; 2Th 1:7-10; 2Ti 4:8; Rev 19:11-16; Rev 22:12

People will be judged according to their response to Jesus Christ

Jn 3:18 See also Mt 10:32-33 pp Lk 12:8-9; Mk 8:38 pp Lk 9:26; Jn 9:39; Jn 12:48

Jesus Christ’s teaching on judgment

Jesus Christ will separate the righteous from the unrighteous Mt 25:31-32 See also Mt 3:12; Mt 13:24-30,36-42 the parable of the weeds; Mt 13:47-50 the parable of the net; Mt 25:33-46 the parable of the sheep and the goats

Those who reject Jesus Christ will be punished Da 2:34-35; Mt 21:33-44 pp Mk 12:1-11 pp Lk 20:9-18 the parable of the tenants

Christians will stand before Jesus Christ as judge and be rewarded for what they have done Mt 16:27 See also Mt 25:14-30 the parable of the talents; Lk 19:12-27 the parable of the ten minas; 2Co 5:10

The day of Jesus Christ’s return as judge is unknown Mk 13:32-36 See also Mt 24:36-44 pp Lk 17:26-37; Mt 25:1-13 the parable of the ten virgins

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