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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 2306 Jesus Christ, as high priest
2306 Jesus Christ, as high priest

2306 Jesus Christ, as high priest

Jesus Christ, being a truly human high priest, perfectly represents humanity before God. He made atonement for sins by his own sacrificial death. Being a truly divine high priest, this act of Christ’s was perfect, once for all and of eternal value.

The ministry of Jesus Christ as high priest

He made atonement for sin Heb 2:17 See also Heb 8:3; Heb 9:7,11-12; Heb 13:11-13

He represents human beings before God Heb 5:1 See also Ro 8:34; 1Jn 2:1-2

He entered the Most Holy Place Heb 9:24 On the Day of Atonement the high priest entered the Most Holy Place (the sanctuary) which represented the presence of God. Jesus Christ fulfilled this ritual by entering heaven. See also Heb 4:14; Heb 6:19-20; Heb 9:7,12

He makes believers perfect Heb 10:14 See also Heb 10:10; Heb 13:12

He brings believers close to God Heb 10:19-22

He helps those being tempted Heb 2:18 See also Heb 4:15; Heb 5:2

He intercedes continually Heb 7:24-25 See also Jn 17:20; Ro 8:34

Jesus Christ, the human high priest

As a man he is able to represent human beings Heb 2:17 See also Heb 5:1

He is divinely appointed Heb 5:5-6 See also Heb 3:1-2

Jesus Christ, the divine high priest

He is sinless Heb 7:26-27 Jesus Christ is strongly contrasted with other high priests because he did not have to offer sacrifices for his own sins.

He is eternal Heb 6:20 See also Heb 5:6; Heb 7:17,21,28

His atoning work was completed once for all Heb 7:27 Other high priests had to repeat their sacrifices. See also Heb 9:12,25-26,28; Heb 10:10

He is exalted Heb 8:1 See also Zec 6:13; Heb 7:26

Jesus Christ’s high priesthood was of the order of Melchizedek

Heb 6:20 The priesthood of Melchizedek resembles that of Jesus Christ because he too was king and had neither beginning nor end. See also Ps 110:4; Heb 5:6,10; Heb 7:1-4,14-17

Responses to Jesus Christ’s high priesthood

Heb 4:14-15 a call to keep to the faith; Heb 4:16 an invitation to seek God’s help in times of need; Heb 10:19-22 an invitation to draw near to God; Heb 12:1-3 a call to run the race of faith; Heb 12:28-29 a call to offer thanksgiving and worship

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