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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 1680 types
1680 types

1680 types

An OT institution, person, place or event regarded as anticipating the person of Jesus Christ or some aspect of the Christian faith or life.

OT foreshadowings of Jesus Christ

Lk 24:25-27 See also Lk 24:44; 1Pe 1:10-12

OT institutions as types

The Sabbath: Jesus Christ’s finished work Heb 4:3-6 See also Ge 2:2-3; Heb 4:9-10

Marriage: Jesus Christ’s union with his people Eph 5:30-32 See also Ge 2:22-24 Adam may be viewed as a figure of Jesus Christ, and Eve, of the church, formed in Christ, loved and united with him; Ps 45:10-11; Mt 9:15; Mt 25:1; Jn 3:29; Eph 5:25-27; Rev 19:7; Rev 21:2

Circumcision: believers’union with Christ Col 2:11 See also Ge 17:9-14; Ro 2:29; Php 3:3

The tabernacle: Jesus Christ’s coming among his people Jn 1:14 The context shows that “The Word” is Jesus Christ; “made his dwelling” involves the idea of pitching a tent and reflects the tabernacle which was pitched among the Israelites and filled with God’s glory; so Christ has pitched his tent among his people and revealed his glory. See also Ex 25:8; Ex 40:34-35

The tabernacle: the way to God Heb 9:11-12 See also Ex 25:22; Ex 30:6,36; Nu 17:4; Heb 9:8; Heb 10:19-22

The high priesthood: Jesus Christ as intercessor Heb 7:23-28 See also Ex 29:1-7; Lev 16:11-17; Heb 4:14-16; Heb 5:1-5 Jesus Christ, the great high priest, is both human and divine; Heb 9:11-12; Heb 10:11-12 Note the contrast between the many OT sacrifices and Jesus Christ’s once-for-all offering of himself.

The priesthood: Christian worship and service Heb 13:15-16 See also Ex 19:6; Ex 29:8-9; 1Pe 2:5; Rev 1:6

Sacrifices: Jesus Christ as substitute Ro 3:25 See also Lev 4:13-15,25-35 Hands laid on the head of the sacrifice symbolised the transfer of guilt and its consequences to another. A perfect animal was required; Isa 53:4-12; Mk 15:25-37; 2Co 5:15; Gal 2:20; 1Pe 3:18

Sacrifice: believers’consecration Ro 12:1 See also Lev 1:1-9; Nu 15:1-12; Php 2:17; 2Ti 4:6

The day of atonement: Jesus Christ as sin-bearer Heb 9:28 See also Lev 16:1-34; Heb 9:7

Passover: deliverance from judgment 1Co 5:7 See also Ex 12:1-16; Mt 26:17 pp Mk 14:12 pp Lk 22:7; Mt 26:26-29 pp Mk 14:22-25 pp Lk 22:14-20; Jn 1:29; 1Pe 1:18-19

Redemption: release from sin Mt 20:28 pp Mk 10:45 “Redemption” and “ransom” both involve buying back that which has been lost. See also Ex 13:11-13; Ex 21:28-32; Job 19:25; Ps 78:35; Isa 41:14; Ro 3:24; 1Co 6:20 Redemption from the “curse of the law”: Gal 3:13; Gal 4:5
Eph 1:7 Blood is the ransom price for the forgiveness of sin; 1Ti 2:6; Tit 2:14; Heb 9:15

The temple: the church 2Co 6:16 See also 1Ki 6:1; 1Ki 8:10-13; 1Co 3:16; Eph 2:21-22; 1Pe 2:5

OT places as types

The promised land: rest in Christ Heb 4:8-11 See also Jos 1:13; Jos 11:23; Jos 14:15

Jerusalem: the glorified church Rev 21:1-3 See also 2Sa 5:4-5; Ps 122:1-9; Isa 62:6-7; Zec 2:3-5; Heb 12:22-23; Rev 3:12; Rev 21:9-10

Babylon: enmity to Jesus Christ Rev 17:5 Some take Babylon to represent the world, some the apostate church, some a city. See also Isa 13:19-22; Rev 18:2-3

OT people as types

Israel: the church 1Pe 2:9 See also Ge 12:1-3; Ex 19:6; Ro 9:6-8; Gal 6:16; Eph 2:19

Adam: Jesus Christ as the head of his people 1Co 15:21-22 See also Ge 3:17-19; Ro 5:12-20 Just as Adam was the representative of all humanity in the fall, so Jesus Christ is the representative of all who inherit salvation.

Abraham: justifying faith in Jesus Christ Ro 4:18-25 See also Ge 15:6; Gal 3:6-9

Melchizedek: Jesus Christ as priest-king Heb 7:1-3 See also Ge 14:17-20; Ps 110:4; Heb 7:11-17

Sarah and Hagar: grace and law Gal 4:22-26 See also Ge 16:1-6; Ge 21:10; Gal 4:27-31

David: Jesus Christ as king, shepherd and sufferer Lk 1:31-33 See also 2Sa 7:11-16; Ps 78:70-72; Ps 89:19-37; Jn 13:18; Ps 41:9; Rev 22:16

Solomon: Jesus Christ as wise ruler Mt 12:42 See also 1Ki 3:5-12

OT events as types

Noah’s ark: salvation 1Pe 3:20-21 See also Ge 7:7

Abraham offering Isaac: God giving his Son Ro 8:32 See also Ge 22:9-14

Crossing the Red Sea: Christian commitment 1Co 10:1-2 See also Ex 14:15-22

Water from a rock: Jesus Christ’s provision 1Co 10:4 See also Ex 17:5-6

The bronze snake: Jesus Christ, the object of faith Jn 3:14-15 See also Nu 21:4-9

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