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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 1657 numbers, fractions
1657 numbers, fractions

1657 numbers, fractions

Mainly associated with divisions of the people and of property, and also with sacrificial offerings.

One half

Half the people Jos 8:33 See also Dt 27:12-13; 1Ki 16:21; Ne 4:16; Ne 12:31-32,38; Ne 13:24

The half-tribes of Manasseh Dt 3:13 See also Nu 32:33; Nu 34:13-14; Dt 29:8; Jos 13:29-31; Jos 22:10; 1Ch 5:23

Halves in offering sacrifices Ge 15:10 See also Ex 24:6; Ex 30:13; Lev 6:20

Significant examples of halves 2Sa 10:4 pp 1Ch 19:4 David’s men and the Ammonites; 1Ki 3:25 Solomon; 1Ki 10:7 pp 2Ch 9:6 the Queen of Sheba Half a kingdom: Est 5:3; Est 7:2; Mk 6:23
Isa 44:16-20 Idolatry

One third

Thirds of a group 2Sa 18:2; 2Ki 11:5-6 pp 2Ch 23:4-5

Thirds in the processes of judgment Rev 9:18 See also Eze 5:2,12; Rev 8:7-12; Rev 9:15; Rev 12:4

One fifth

A fifth of the harvest Ge 41:34; Ge 47:24,26

A fifth in cases of restitution Lev 5:14-16 See also Lev 6:5; Lev 22:14; Nu 5:7

Redeeming what is promised to God Lev 27:13 See also Lev 27:15,19,27,31

One tenth

Instructions about God’s tithe Lev 27:30-32 The term “tithe” is the Old English word for “one tenth”. See also Nu 18:21,26; Dt 12:6,11; Dt 14:22; Ne 10:38; Am 4:4; Mal 3:8-10

The royal tithe 1Sa 8:15,17

Examples of the tithe Abraham: Ge 14:20; Heb 7:1-10
Ge 28:22 Jacob The Israelites: 2Ch 31:5-6,12; Ne 10:37
Mt 23:23 teachers of the law and Pharisees

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