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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 1656 numbers, combinations
1656 numbers, combinations

1656 numbers, combinations

Numbers may be combined for making a comparison. When they are combined in such a pattern as “two or three” the emphasis usually falls on the second figure.

Two and three

Two or three witnesses Dt 19:15 See also Nu 35:30; Dt 17:6; Mt 18:16; 2Co 13:1; 1Ti 5:19; Heb 10:28

Two or three as a small approximate number Mt 18:20 See also 2Ki 9:32; Isa 17:6; Hos 6:2; 1Co 14:27,29

Two and three in a climactic pattern Ecc 4:12 See also Pr 30:15

Three and four

Three or four as a small approximate number Jer 36:23

Three and four in a climactic pattern Pr 30:18-19 See also Pr 30:15-16,21-23,29-31; Am 1:3,6,9,11,13; Am 2:1,4,6

Other examples of the climactic pattern

Job 5:19; Pr 6:16-19; Ge 4:24; Ecc 11:2; Mic 5:5

Comparative use of multiples of ten

Am 5:3 See also Lev 26:8; Dt 33:17; Jdg 20:10; Mic 6:7; Lk 16:7

Numerical contrast between Saul and David

1Sa 18:7-8 See also 1Sa 21:11; 1Sa 29:5

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