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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 1469 visions
1469 visions

1469 visions

Mental pictures used by God to convey messages or reveal future events. They are normally received in private by individuals who are often prophets.

God speaks to individuals in visions

Ge 46:2-4 See also Ge 15:1; 1Sa 3:10-15; Ac 9:10-12; Ac 10:3-6; Ac 11:5-12; Ac 16:9-10; Ac 18:9-10; Ac 26:12-19

Visions may reveal future events

Da 8:17-19 See also Da 7:15-18,23-27; Am 7:7-9; Lk 1:11-22; Rev 22:6

Visions may contain unusual or startling images

Zec 1:8 See also Eze 1:4-28; Da 4:10-17; Da 7:2-15; Da 8:2-14; Rev 1:12-16; Rev 4:1-11; Rev 9:17

Visions received by prophets

Nu 12:6 See also Isa 6:1-4; Jer 1:11-16; Eze 1:1; Hos 12:10; Am 7:1-9

Visions recorded by prophets

2Ch 32:32 See also 2Ch 9:29; Isa 1:1; Da 7:1; Da 8:1; Ob 1; Mic 1:1; Na 1:1

False visions associated with lying prophets

Eze 13:6-9 See also 1Ki 22:10-28 pp 2Ch 18:9-27; Jer 14:14; Jer 23:16; La 2:14; Eze 22:28; Zec 10:2

God may withhold visions

1Sa 3:1 See also La 2:9; Eze 7:26; Mic 3:6

Visions associated with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit

Ac 2:17 See also Joel 2:28

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