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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 1450 signs, kinds of
1450 signs, kinds of

1450 signs, kinds of

Signs are miraculous events, supernatural phenomena or everyday things that are given a special significance. The term is used in John’s Gospel to describe the miracles of Jesus Christ.

Miraculous signs

2Co 12:12 See also Ex 10:1; Ps 78:43; Ps 105:27; Mt 24:24 pp Mk 13:22; Mk 16:17; Ac 2:43; Ro 15:19

The signs of Jesus Christ in John’s Gospel

Jn 2:11 John refers to the miracles of Jesus Christ as “signs” in order to bring out the significance of these deeds. See also Jn 6:26 Jesus Christ, the bread of life; Jn 9:16 Jesus Christ, the light of the world; Jn 11:47 Jesus Christ, the resurrection and the life

Jesus Christ refers to Jonah as a sign

Mt 12:39-41 pp Lk 11:29-32

Prophetic signs

Ex 3:12 See also 1Sa 10:7-9; 1Ki 13:1-5; 2Ki 19:29 pp Isa 37:30; Isa 7:14-17; Isa 8:18; Isa 19:19-20; Lk 2:12

Signs of protection

Ex 12:13,23; Jos 2:12-13,17-21

Signs given to guarantee promises

The rainbow Ge 9:12 See also Ge 9:13-17

Circumcision Ge 17:10-11 See also Ge 17:12-14; Ro 4:11

Signs serve as reminders of past blessings

Monuments Jos 4:4-7

Religious observances Passover: Ex 13:9,16 Sabbath: Ex 31:12-17; Eze 20:12,20

Signs associated with the birth of Jesus Christ

The virgin birth Isa 7:14 See also Mt 1:22-23; Lk 1:34-36

The birthplace Lk 2:12 See also Lk 2:7,16

The star Mt 2:1-2 See also Mt 2:9-10

Signs associated with the death of Jesus Christ

Darkness at midday Mt 27:45 pp Mk 15:33 pp Lk 23:44-45 See also Am 8:9

The curtain of the temple torn in two Mt 27:51 pp Mk 15:38 pp Lk 23:45

The dead came back to life Mt 27:51-53

Signs associated with the coming of the Holy Spirit

The sound like a violent wind Ac 2:2

Tongues of fire Ac 2:3

Speaking in other languages Ac 2:4 See also Ac 2:5-11

Signs associated with the second coming of Jesus Christ

General signs Mt 24:3-8 pp Mk 13:4-8 pp Lk 21:7-11

Signs preceding the second coming See also Mt 24:9-24 pp Mk 13:9-22 pp Lk 21:12-24

Signs simultaneous with the second coming Mt 24:27-31 pp Mk 13:24-27 pp Lk 21:25-27; Lk 17:24; Ac 2:19-20; Joel 2:30-31; 2Pe 3:12-13

False signs

Dt 13:1-3 See also Isa 44:25; Mt 24:24 pp Mk 13:22; 2Th 2:9; Rev 13:11-14; Rev 16:14; Rev 19:20

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