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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 1449 signs, purposes of
1449 signs, purposes of

1449 signs, purposes of

Signs are given to confirm God’s word. They may warn the rebellious or encourage the faithful. People may seek signs as a result of a genuine desire to serve God.

Signs are given to demonstrate God’s power

Dt 34:10-12 See also Dt 4:34; Dt 6:21-22; Dt 7:19; Dt 26:8; 1Ch 16:11-12 pp Ps 105:4-5; Jer 32:21

Signs demonstrate the authority of God’s servants

Moses and Aaron Ex 4:1-9 See also Ex 4:30-31; Ex 7:8-12; Nu 17:1-9; Ac 7:36

Elijah 1Ki 18:36-38

Elisha 2Ki 2:13-14

Jesus Christ Ac 2:22 See also Jn 2:23; Jn 3:2; Jn 7:21; Jn 20:30

The apostles 2Co 12:12 See also Ac 2:43; Ac 5:12; Ac 15:12

Signs may accompany the preaching of the gospel Heb 2:3-4 See also Mk 16:20; Ac 8:6; Ac 14:3

Signs may warn the ungodly of impending judgment

Ex 8:22-23 The prophets often acted out their messages for greater effect: Isa 20:1-4; Eze 4:1-3; Eze 12:3-6,11; Eze 24:15-24
Jer 44:29-30; Lk 2:34; Php 1:28

Signs may warn God’s people against rebellion

Nu 17:10 See also Nu 16:38; Nu 26:10; Dt 28:45-46; 1Sa 2:34; 1Sa 12:16-18

Signs may encourage faith

By giving guidance 1Sa 14:8-10 See also Ge 24:10-14; Ex 13:21-22; 2Sa 5:23-24 pp 1Ch 14:14-15; Mt 2:9-10

By giving assurance of God’s presence Jdg 6:17-22 See also Ge 28:10-17; Ex 3:1-5

By encouraging the fearful and doubting Isa 38:7-8 pp 2Ki 20:8-11 pp 2Ch 32:24 See also Dt 7:17-19; Jdg 6:36-40; 2Ki 6:15-17

Signs need hold no terror for the godly

Jer 10:2 See also Mt 24:6 pp Mk 13:7 pp Lk 21:9

Seeking signs

When seeking signs is acceptable to God Isa 7:11 See also Jdg 6:17; Isa 38:22

When seeking signs is condemnned by God Mt 16:1-4 pp Mk 8:11-12 See also Mt 12:38-39 pp Lk 11:29; Lk 11:16; Lk 12:54-56; Lk 23:8; Jn 2:18; Jn 4:48; Jn 6:30; 1Co 1:22

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