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1428 prophecy, inspiration of OT

1428 prophecy, inspiration of OT

The prophecies of biblical messengers are acknowledged as being of divine origin, inspired through the activity of the Holy Spirit.

God speaks through his prophets

2Pe 1:20-21 See also Ne 9:30; Zec 7:12; Heb 1:1

God is the source of prophecy

Eze 24:20-21 The phrase “the word of the Lord came to ...” is frequently used of (and by) the prophets to indicate that the message they proclaimed came directly from God. See also 1Sa 15:10; 2Sa 7:4; 1Ki 13:20; 1Ki 16:1; 1Ki 17:2; 2Ki 20:4; Jer 1:2; Eze 6:1; Jnh 1:1; Hag 2:10; Zec 1:1

Prophets inspired by God speak the truth

Dt 18:22 See also Jer 28:9

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