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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 1424 predictions
1424 predictions

1424 predictions

Speaking authoritatively of the future. Since God knows the future he is able to reveal it to people beforehand. Predictions, which are often but not necessarily contained in prophecies, should not be confused with promises or expressions of intention.

God’s knowledge of the future

Ge 41:15-16,28 See also Ge 18:17; Nu 24:2-4; Isa 44:24-26

Impossible to predict the future apart from God

Ecc 8:7 See also Ecc 7:14; Isa 41:22-24

Jesus Christ predicted the future

Concerning his death and resurrection Mt 16:21 pp Mk 8:31 pp Lk 9:22 See also Mt 17:22-23 pp Mk 9:31 pp Lk 9:44; Mt 20:18-19 pp Mk 10:33-34 pp Lk 18:31-33; Jn 2:19-21; Jn 12:32-33

Concerning the donkey on which he would enter Jerusalem Mt 21:1-3 pp Mk 11:1-3 pp Lk 19:29-31

The fall of Jerusalem Mt 24:1-2 pp Mk 13:1-2 pp Lk 21:5-6; Mt 24:15-25 pp Mk 13:14-23 pp Lk 21:20-24

That Judas would betray him Mt 26:21-25 pp Mk 14:18-20; Lk 22:21; Jn 13:21,26

That Peter would deny him Mt 26:34 pp Mk 14:30 pp Lk 22:34 See also Jn 13:38

Concerning the nature of Peter’s death Jn 21:18-19

The ability to interpret dreams and so predict the future

Ge 40:9-13,16-19; Ge 41:28-32; Da 2:45; Da 8:26; Da 10:14

Predictions were made through OT prophets

1Sa 15:28; 1Sa 28:16-17; 1Ki 11:29-32; Heb 3:5

Predictions made through some of the first Christians

Ac 11:27-28 See also Ac 21:10-11; Jude 17-18

False predictions

Jer 28:8-17 See also Isa 47:13-15; Ac 16:16

The Messiah predicted

1Pe 1:10-11 Most OT references to the coming of the kingdom of God and his Messiah are not, strictly speaking, predictions but promises made by God in which he expresses his intention to save his people through the Messiah. See also Ac 7:52

See also

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