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1351 covenant, God’s with David

1351 covenant, God’s with David

God’s promise to establish David and his descendants on Israel’s throne for ever. It provided Israel with a basis for the hope of deliverance and restoration, and became a focus for the Messianic expectation which was fulfilled, ultimately, in Jesus Christ.

God’s promise to establish David’s line

God’s election of David Ps 78:70 See also 2Sa 6:21; 1Ki 8:16 pp 2Ch 6:6

God’s covenant is everlasting Ps 89:3-4 See also 2Sa 7:11-16; 2Sa 23:5; 1Ki 2:45; 2Ch 13:5; Ps 18:50; Ps 89:28-29,35-37; Jer 33:17

God’s covenant is inherited through obedience Ps 132:11-12 Though God’s promise to maintain David’s throne is unbreakable, individual descendants must continue to be faithful if they are to inherit the blessings promised to David. See also 1Ki 8:25-26 pp 2Ch 6:16-17; 1Ki 9:4-5 pp 2Ch 7:17-18

God’s covenant blessings are forfeited through disobedience Jer 22:4-5 Failure to remain faithful to God brings judgment on the royal house and the people. See also 1Ki 9:6-9 pp 2Ch 7:19-22; 1Ki 11:11-13,31-33; Jer 7:24-26; Jer 22:6-9; Jer 36:30-31

God’s promise is fulfilled by grace 2Ch 21:7 pp 2Ki 8:19 Though particular kings may suffer God’s anger because of their sin, God’s faithfulness to the house of David as a whole, and thus to the nation of Israel, will continue. See also 1Ki 11:34-36,39; 1Ki 15:4; Ps 89:30-34

The Davidic covenant as a basis for hope

God’s election of Jerusalem 2Ki 21:7 pp 2Ch 33:7 God’s Name signifies his presence. God’s choice of David was closely related to his choice of Jerusalem, the city established by David, as the place where the divine presence symbolised in the temple and the ark of the covenant was to be found. See also 1Ki 8:20-21 pp 2Ch 6:10-11; 1Ki 11:32,36; 1Ch 23:25; 2Ch 6:41-42 pp Ps 132:8-10

God’s promise to defend Jerusalem Isa 37:35 pp 2Ki 19:34 See also 2Ki 19:20; Zec 12:7-9

God’s promise to restore David’s house Am 9:11 See also Ac 15:16; Jer 33:25-26

Hopes expressed in the Davidic covenant are focused in the Messiah

The Messiah fulfils the Davidic hope Jer 23:5-6 See also Ps 110:1-2; Isa 9:7; Isa 11:1-2; Isa 16:5; Isa 55:3; Eze 34:23-25; Zec 3:8; Jn 7:42

God’s promise to David fulfilled in Jesus Christ Lk 1:32-33; Rev 22:16 See also Mt 1:1; Mt 22:41-46 pp Mk 12:35-37 pp Lk 20:41-44 Many Jews in Jesus Christ’s day were expecting a literal fulfilment of God’s promise to restore the Davidic empire. The true hope expressed in the Davidic covenant and fulfilled in Christ is the coming of the kingdom of God: Mk 11:10 pp Mt 21:9; Lk 24:21; Ac 1:6
Ac 2:29-31; Ac 13:34; Ro 1:3; 2Ti 2:8

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