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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 1350 covenant, God’s with Israel’s priests
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1350 covenant, God’s with Israel’s priests

1350 covenant, God’s with Israel’s priests

God’s promise to the Levites, and to the family of Phinehas in particular, to maintain those who serve him faithfully in a lasting priesthood.

God’s covenant with Phinehas

Nu 25:12-13 Phinehas was the grandson of Aaron. God’s pledge of “a lasting priesthood”, granted to him as a result of his zeal, probably means that the high priesthood would remain in his family. See also Nu 25:10-11; Ezr 7:1-5; Ps 106:30-31

God’s covenant with the Levites

An everlasting covenant Nu 18:19 This covenant confirms the privileges and responsibilities of Aaron and his fellow Levites who have been called to Israel’s priesthood. The reference to “salt” may underline the permanent nature of the covenant. God’s covenant with David is also described as a “covenant of salt”. See also 2Ch 13:5; Jer 33:18-22

Requirements of the covenant Mal 2:5-6

The Levites’portion is the Lord Dt 10:8-9 See also Nu 3:12

The covenant violated Mal 2:8 By their unfaithfulness, Judah’s priests have forfeited the blessings of God’s promise to Levi. See also Ne 13:29

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