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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 1335 blessing
1335 blessing

1335 blessing

Spiritual and material benefits given by God to be enjoyed. Blessing the name of God is also the appropriate response of believers to all that God has done for them.

God is the source of all blessing

1Ch 29:11-12 See also Ps 89:11

At creation he blessed humans with fertility and authority over the earth Ge 1:28-30

The disobedience of Adam and Eve caused God to remove his blessing

Ge 3:16-19 See also Ge 6:5-7

After the flood God renewed his promise of blessing to Noah Ge 9:1-3 See also Ge 8:22; Job 5:10; Ps 65:9-13

The blessings promised to Abraham

The blessings included descendants and nationhood Ge 12:2-3 See also Ge 17:1-8; Ge 18:18; Ge 26:4; Ge 35:11; Ex 1:6-7; Dt 1:10-11; Dt 7:13; 1Ki 3:8; Ne 9:23; Isa 51:2

The blessings included land Ge 17:8 See also Ge 12:7; Ge 26:3; Dt 1:8; Dt 4:40; Dt 11:8-12

The promises of blessing to Abraham were fulfilled in Jesus Christ

Gal 3:16 See also Ac 3:25-26; Gal 3:29

Blessings promised to Israel

Blessings of fruitfulness and prosperity Dt 7:13-14 See also Ge 49:25; Lev 26:10; Dt 15:4; Dt 28:8,12

Blessings of good health and long life Ex 23:25-26 See also Ex 15:26; Dt 7:15

Blessings of peace and victory over enemies Dt 28:7 See also Ex 23:22; Lev 26:6-8; Dt 7:24; Ps 29:11

The promise of being blessed by future restoration Jer 31:23 See also Isa 61:9; Isa 65:17-25; Eze 34:25-31

The conditions of God’s blessings

Fear of the Lord brings blessing Jer 32:40 See also Dt 6:1-3; Dt 10:12-20; Ecc 12:13; Isa 50:10

Obedience to the Lord brings blessing Dt 11:26-28 See also Dt 28:1-14; Dt 30:15-20

To bless God is to worship and adore him

Ne 9:5 See also Ge 9:26; Ge 14:20

People may bless one another in the name of the Lord

Nu 6:24-26 There is a close link between blessing and prayer. See also Ge 27:27-29; Ge 49:1-28; Ru 1:8-9; 1Sa 2:20; 1Ch 4:10; Mt 23:39

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