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Commentaries for Philippians Chapter 2

The Appeal Renewed: Unity Through Humility

Having acknowledged his friends' suffering by offering a christological reason for it, Paul now returns to the urgent matter at hand: the appeal in verse 27 that in the face of the opposition that is causing suffering, they stand firm in the one Spirit, contending for the gospel as a united body...
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The Example of Christ

You probably know people who, like the present author, when all else fails finally read the manual! That's what Paul is now up to, showing the Philippians "the manual...
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Application and Final Appeal

From heaven back to earth; from the worship of the Son and glory of the Father back to Philippi with its suffering and threats of disunity...
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What's Next Regarding Paul's and Their Affairs

After the heights of the preceding section, it is easy to skim past these "everyday" matters to get on to the next "good stuff" (usually 3:3-21)...
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Timothy and Paul to Come Later

True friendship, especially between Christians, can have a fragile side...
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Epaphroditus to Come Now

From his plans to hear about their affairs (now in response to this letter) and to come himself as soon as possible, Paul turns to the more immediate matter at hand--the return of Epaphroditus, who is also the bearer of the letter...
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