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Commentaries for Galatians Chapter 1


One missionary friend always captures my attention by scrawling a special message to me in red ink across the top of his formally typed prayer letter and drawing red arrows to several paragraphs circled in red...
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True love cares enough to confront...
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Rebuke for Desertion

The Galatian believers probably thought they were simply adding a few Jewish customs to the gospel in order to enhance the value of their faith in Christ...
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Paul's Autobiography

At this point Paul turns from his rebuke for desertion to an autobiographical account...
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Thesis Statement

You might expect that after Paul rebuked the Galatians for desertion he would challenge them to recommit themselves to Christ...
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Conversion and Call

The best evidence for Paul's claim to have received his gospel by revelation from Jesus Christ is his conversion...
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Paul's First Visit with Peter in Jerusalem

After establishing that he was totally independent from the apostles in his conversion experience, Paul now provides a sworn testimony regarding his first encounter with the apostles...
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