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Commentaries for 2 Corinthians Chapter 8

The Macedonian Believers Model Generosity

Instead of starting with a request for money, Paul begins with an example of sacrificial giving...
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Paul Sets Forth Guidelines and Models of Christian Stewardship

Motivating Christians and congregations not only to give but also to be fiscally responsible in their giving is a difficult enterprise even in the best of circumstances...
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Paul Urges Titus to Finish the Work

The example of the Macedonian churches encourages Paul to call for the completion of the collection at Corinth (so, v...
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The Corinthians Are Challenged to Excel in Giving

We humans are selfish by nature...
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Paul Tests the Corinthians' Love

Paul is quick to say that he is not commanding them (v...
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The Corinthians Should Make Good Their Pledge

At verse 10 Paul once again stresses that he is only offering an opinion rather than giving a command: Here is my advice about what is best for you in this matter...
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Guidelines for Giving

Most of us, I daresay, associate the proverb "It is more blessed to give than to receive" with the offering on Sunday morning--even though for Paul (Acts 20:32-35) as well as for Jesus (Mt 10:8) it is a guiding principle for the Christian worker rather than the Christian giver...
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Paul Sends a Team in Advance of His Coming

The administration of an effort like the Jerusalem collection could easily give rise to allegations of mishandling of funds...
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