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Commentaries for Luke Chapter 3

John the Baptist's ministry.

The scope and design of John's ministry were, to bring the people from their sins, and to their Saviour...
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John the Baptist testifies concerning Christ.

John the Baptist disowned being himself the Christ, but confirmed the people in their expectations of the long-promised Messiah...
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The baptism of Christ.

Christ did not confess sin, as others did, for he had none to confess; but he prayed, as others did, and kept up communion with his Father...
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The genealogy of Christ.

Matthew's list of the forefathers of Jesus showed that Christ was the son of Abraham, in whom all the families of the earth are blessed, and heir to the throne of David; but Luke shows that Jesus was the Seed of the woman that should break the serpent's head, and traces the line up to Adam, beginning with Eli, or Heli, the father, not of Joseph, but of Mary...
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