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Commentaries for Mark Chapter 10

The Pharisees' question concerning divorce.

Wherever Jesus was, the people flocked after him in crowds, and he taught them...
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Christ's love to little children.

Some parents or nurses brought little children to Christ, that he should touch them, in token of his blessing them...
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Christ's discourse with the rich young man.

This young ruler showed great earnestness...
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The hinderance of riches.

Christ took this occasion to speak to his disciples about the difficulty of the salvation of those who have abundance of this world...
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Christ foretells his sufferings.

Christ's going on with his undertaking for the salvation of mankind, was, is, and will be, the wonder of all his disciples...
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Bartimeus healed.

Bartimeus had heard of Jesus and his miracles, and learning that he was passing by, hoped to recover his eyesight...
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