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Jesus' Revelation Reaches a Climax and the Conflict Begins, Leading to Jesus' Keynote Address

Many scholars think the order of chapters 5 and 6 should be reversed since 6:1 assumes Jesus is in Galilee, but chapter 5 is set in Jerusalem...
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The Opening Revelation of the Glory Reaches a Climax

Jesus has revealed God's love both for Jews and for those despised by many Jews...
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The Conflict Begins

In this short transitional section we hear for the first time of the Jews' persecuting Jesus (v...
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Jesus Delivers His Keynote Address: The Revelation of the Father's Son

The prologue began with the relation of the Father and the Son, and now Jesus' first major public teaching in this Gospel begins with the same topic...
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Jesus Concludes His Keynote Address

In his keynote address (5:19-30) Jesus claims to be equal with God...
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