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Commentaries for John Chapter 18

The Climax of the Glorification Begins: Jesus' Passion and Death

As John begins to tell of the Passion of our Lord he continues to focus on the manifestation of the glory of God...
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Jesus Is Arrested

Jesus and his disciples go out of the city to the east, crossing the Kidron, which John refers to as a wadi (Valley, NIV; cheimarros, literally, "winter-flowing," since winter is the rainy season)...
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Jesus Is Confronted by Annas; Peter Is Confronted by People in the Courtyard

Throughout John's story the world has been judged by the presence of Jesus, and the world has in turn judged him...
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Pilate Interrogates Jesus

John's account of the trial before Pilate is much more extensive than the accounts in the Synoptics...
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